The most basic moves in pinball are to simply hit the flippers as the ball gets close. Total beginners will even hit both flippers at the same time, even though the ball can only head towards one. As you get better, though, aim comes into play as you try to make each shot more purposeful.

How do you take your pinball play to the next level, however? Here are two essential skills you should learn. They are regarded as intermediate skills, but they will help you get better scores. Once you master them you can move onto more difficult shots and tricks.

Skill 1 - The Slap Save

If the ball is heading straight for the drain in the center of the table, there is very little you can do. Fortunately, this situation doesn't happen as often as you might think. Instead, most balls drop slightly closer to one of the flippers than the other.

The problem is that hitting the ball with that flipper doesn't usually save it as there isn't enough power on the shot. This is where the slap save comes in.

To do a slap save, you must hit the flipper that the ball is heading to and then quickly hit the other flipper as well. The idea is to knock the ball using the first flipper towards the second. The second flipper can then send the ball back up the table.

Skill 2 - Hold Trap

Trapping the ball is an essential skill you must learn if you want to get better at pinball. Trapping gives you a chance to take a quick break from the intensity of the ball ricochets, lights, and noises. It also lets you aim your next shot with more accuracy. This is because the ball will move slowly when you release it from the trap, making it easier for you to hit the flipper at the right time.

The hold trap is the simplest trap and involves holding up one of the flippers until the ball gets trapped and stops moving. As a result, you can only use it when the ball is approaching the flipper slowly. Otherwise, it will bounce off and get you into trouble.

Remember, when practising both these skills you will end up losing balls in the drain. This is part of the process but once you master the skill, your pinball gameplay will become much better.

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