Back in the Spring of this year, news broke that The Pinball Arcade was losing some of its most popular pinball tables. This was because its deal with WMS Industries was coming to an end. WMS Industries holds the rights to many classic and much-loved pinball machines, particularly those originally made by pinball machine creators Williams and Bally.

There is now good news for fans of classic Williams and Bally pinball machines, however. This is because we now know where these tables will soon be available to play again – on Pinball FX3.

Just this month, Zen Studios, the company behind Pinball FX3, announced it had secured the rights to the pinball tables lost by The Pinball Arcade, i.e. the full classic collection of pinball tables from Williams and Bally.

These include:

• The Addams Family

• Star Trek: The Next Generation

• Twilight Zone

• Bride of Pinbot

• Medieval Madness

• Theatre of Magic

• Junk Yard

• Fish Tales

• The Getaway: High Speed II

• And more

They won’t all be available on Pinball FX3 immediately, but that’s where you should go if you want to play them.

Enhancing the Zen Studios Offering

There are some hugely popular tables available on the Pinball FX series by Zen Studios. This includes massive entertainment franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and Jurassic World.

Until this deal with WMS Industries, however, Pinball FX3 did not offer classic pinball titles. Instead, all its tables were contemporary. The addition of much-loved classics will increase the appeal of Pinball FX3 even further.

When the new classic pinball titles become available on Pinball FX3, you will be able to play them on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch consoles.

For purists, of course, this is not the same as playing on a real, full-size, traditional pinball machine. That said, the technology that Zen Studios uses in Pinball FX3 is cutting edge, designed to simulate a real table as close as possible.

Plus, there are lots of other features you can enjoy when playing your favorite classic pinball games on a console. This includes challenges as well as multiplayer match-ups and tournaments.

If you don’t already have Pinball FX3, it is free to download. You then purchase tables, although the cost of the classic Williams or Bally tables has yet to be announced.

Of course, playing on a console is not the only option you have to play pinball whenever you want – you can also get your own full-size pinball machine. Check out our range today.