If you remember what video games did to pinball back in the early 1980s, you would be forgiven for thinking smartphones would contribute to pinball’s further demise. After all, young people today (and the young at heart) have access to so much more entertainment than those in the 1970s or early 1980s.

In addition, that entertainment is packed into a device that fits into your pocket. Why would anyone want to go somewhere to play a game on a physical table and why would anyone want to own their own pinball machine?

The answer is that new tech is actually driving the resurgence of pinball across the world.

The Role of New Technology

It is undeniable that pinball is now much more popular today than it has ever been. Pinball machine manufacturers are seeing sales growth, and there are increasing numbers of people taking part in pinball competitions as well as joining pinball communities.

Some of the latest pinball machines even featured at the recent CES show, an event known for showcasing the newest and trendiest technologies.

How is new technology driving the recent growth of pinball, though?

As well as being able to play pinball on your smartphone, you can also download and play pinball games on modern games consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

This is influencing consumer behaviour in two main ways:

• Introduces a new generation to pinball – many young people get their first experience of pinball on a games console, smartphone, or tablet device

• Introduces people to new pinball games – in most cases, the games you can get on a smartphone or home games console are exact digital replicas of the physical machine

As a result, many in the pinball industry are now using new technology as a marketing tool to promote their real-life pinball machines.

What Does the Future Hold?

In addition to increasing awareness of pinball and new game releases, new technology developments are likely to further increase the popularity of pinball.

In the future, we will probably see more integration between virtual games and physical pinball machines. This may include being able to find a physical version of the virtual pinball game you are playing based on your location. Other innovations are likely to include transferring scores, interacting with other players, taking part in competitions, and more.

Whatever the future holds, pinball enthusiasm continues to grow.

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