What would you get if you combined a pinball fan with time, patience, and lots of Lego bricks? If Vladimir van Hoek from the Netherlands is anything to go by, you'd get your own unique, working Lego pinball machine.

Vladimir van Hoek's fantastic creation is a playable Lord of the Rings pinball machine made of Lego. It includes characters from the entire trilogy as well as many Lord of the Rings locations you will recognise.

Watch this video to see the Lego Lord of the Rings pinball machine in action:

This video got us thinking – what are the most unusual pinball machines ever created? Here are some that are likely to make the list.

4 Unusual Pinball Machines

• Haunted House – this was made by Gottleib in 1982. The haunted house theme is the most normal part of this game. In total, there are three different playfields and eight flippers. Two of them are in a sublevel that for most of the game remains hidden. Just to make it even more interesting, the flippers in this sublevel face backwards.

• Hercules – Atari is better known as a video game and console maker, but it also has a history of making pinball machines. One of its most outlandish and memorable creations was Hercules. The targets, flippers, bumpers, and general gameplay are all fairly standard on Hercules. What makes this pinball machine stand out, however, is its physical size. It took up 18 square feet of space and the balls were bigger than baseballs.

• Night Moves – the company International Concepts released Night Moves in 1989. The reason it would make it onto most lists about unusual pinball machines is because it was a game you didn't play standing up. Instead, the creators took a lead from the popular Ms. Pac-Man video game which you could play sitting down. That's right – you had to sit down to play Night Moves.

• Orbitor 1 – this pinball machine was released in 1982 by Stern. Its minimalist style is likely to get it onto most unusual pinball machine lists. In fact, the playfield only had two spin bumpers. The 3D-effect planet landscape was also strange.

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