Zen Studios is set to add Hans Solo-themed pinball tables to Pinball FX3. The new tables will be in the new Star Wars Pinball Solo Pack. They follow on from the release of the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story earlier in the year.

There are three pinball tables in the Star Wars Pinball Solo Pack:

• Star Wars Pinball: Solo

• Star Wars Pinball: Calrissian Chronicles

• Star Wars Pinball: Battle of Mimban

The pack will be available on Zen Studio’s Pinball FX3 on September 12. This is just before you'll be able to buy the movie on Blu-ray.

Here is the trailer video for the tables:

Star Wars Pinball: Solo

According to the promotional material, this is the first time in a video game or pinball table you'll be able to do a 12 parsec Kessel Run. This refers to an interaction between Han Solo and Chewbacca in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Kessel Run is a hyperspace route. After going through the route, Solo tells Chewbacca: "I just made the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs."

Enough about the advertising material and Star Wars reminiscing, though – what about the pinball game? It has loads going on with a range of characters including Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian. Lots of scenes from the movie feature in the table too.

Star Wars Pinball: Calrissian Chronicles

In this pinball machine, you take on the role of intergalactic smuggler and Star Wars Rebel Lando Calrissian. You know the one – he helped bring about the destruction of the Death Star. During the game, you will encounter over 15 of Lando's enemies covering his many Star Wars appearances from the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story to the Marvel's Star Wars Lando comic book to the animated TV series Star Wars Rebels.

Star Wars Pinball: Battle of Mimban

The final pinball game in the Star Wars Pinball Solo Pack sees you leading the Imperial army in its battle on Mimban. Many scenes from Solo: A Star Wars Story feature in this pinball game as well as characters like Tobias Beckett, the man who frames Hans Solo as a deserter.

These Hans Solo-themed pinball games look and sound fantastic, but you have other options for a fix if you are a pinball fan. In fact, you can get your own full-size pinball machine for your home, business, or anywhere else. Check out our range today.