Pinball machines are as famous for their connection with pop culture as they are with arcades and one-on-one entertainment. In fact, some of the most loved pinball machines in the world are based on movies, bands, or comic book characters.

Now there is another to be added to the list, plus there is one on the way.

Legacy of the Beast

The first is an Iron Maiden pinball machine called Legacy of the Beast. It is made by Stern and features 12 Iron Maiden songs.

Iron Maiden are currently on their Legacy of the Beast world tour which will add to the more than 2,000 live performances they have done over the last 40-plus years. The band has also sold 90 million albums and has a cult following that stretches to all corners of the globe.

What about the pinball machine, though? As well as Iron Maiden’s iconic music, it also features fantastic artwork by Zombie Yeti, an Iron Maiden fan whose real name is Jeremy Packer.

The game itself is all about Eddie, Iron Maiden's famous mascot, as he attempts to defeat the Beast. You do this using four flippers to keep balls in the play area and ensure you hit the maximum scoring elements.

The Legacy of the Beast pinball machine also features three-bank drop targets, two spinners, a captive ball mechanism, a bullseye target, and more.

IGN did an unboxing video giving the world its first glimpse of the new Iron Maiden pinball machine. You can watch the video here:

A Deadpool Pinball Machine is On Its Way

As always, Stern has been busy making other new pinball machines in addition to Legacy of the Beast. It recently released a teaser video showing a Deadpool-based pinball machine that is currently in development.

Stern has a partnership arrangement with Marvel Comics to make pinball machines, so the Deadpool option will add to the line-up. It is not expected to hit the arcades until later in 2018, though.

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