Think of any great rock band or pop group that has attained worldwide fame and there is probably a pinball machine based on them. Rolling Stones – check. Elton John – check. Elvis – check. Guns ‘N Rose – check. Metallica – check. Kiss, Aerosmith, Dolly Parton – check, check, and check.

There is one big name missing from the list, however… until now.

This is because pinball manufacturer Stern has announced the first-ever Beatles pinball machine. It is based on the iconic pop band from Liverpool, England that took the world by storm in the 1960s.

The Beatles Beatlemania Pinball

The first Beatles pinball machine will be called The Beatles Beatlemania Pinball machine. It is being made by Stern in collaboration with Ka-Pow Pinball, the company run by Pinball Hall of Famer Joe Kaminkow.

Only 1,964 of the special edition Beatles pinball machines will be made, though. Why such an apparently random and specific number? Well, there is no randomness as 1964 is the year the Beatles arrived in North America and were introduced to an expectant US audience by Ed Sullivan.

There were will be three different models of the limited-edition machine, each with an increasing level of exclusivity. The base model is the Gold Edition – Stern is making 1,614 of these units. There will then by 250 Platinum Edition Beatles Beatlemania Pinball machines, but the most exclusive option will be the Diamond Edition – only 100 of these models will be produced.

Soundtrack and Gameplay

Beatles fans won't be disappointed with the soundtrack as it will include eight of the Beatles' biggest hits:

• Help

• A Hard Day's Night

• All My Loving

• Can't Buy Me Love

• I Should Have Known Better

• Ticket to Ride

• It Won't Be Long

• Drive My Car

The sound system looks awesome too.

As for the pinball gameplay, it looks like pinball enthusiasts won’t be disappointed either. The Beatles Beatlemania Pinball machines will have four flippers and full-screen animations. There will also be eight stand-up targets, eleven drop targets, two opto-spinners, multiple skill shots, and a ball-catching magnet. There will also be a magnetic spinning record disc right in the middle of the playfield.

Stern didn’t release details of the price or expected availability, but these are pinball machines that are expected to sell fast.

While you might not be able to get one of the limited-edition Beatles Beatlemania Pinball machines, you can still buy your own pinball machine. Check out our range today.