Primus, the San Francisco rock band, are known for doing things their own way. Just try to explain their music style or genre, something which is possible as the band simply doesn't fit into normal conventions.

With this new pinball machine, Primus are yet again doing things their own way. While broadly speaking it can be put into the same category as other rock band-based pinball machines (AC/DC, Metallica, Alice Cooper, for example), the Primus pinball machine is unique.

About the only thing that is predictable about it is it’s made by Stern.

Limited Edition

Firstly, Stern is only making 100 Primus pinball machines. Each one has a metal plate with a laser engraved serial number, showing its authenticity. Also, all 100 Primus pinball machines will be signed by the band’s three current members: bassist and vocalist Les Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde, and drummer Tim Alexander.

That is attraction enough for Primus/pinball fans, but the artwork on this machine adds to that appeal. On both the back glass and the play area, the artwork is incredible – and it is uniquely Primus too. The artwork is by Zombie Yeti and Zoltron.


Stern has given the Primus pinball machine an upgraded Kenwood sound system which is lucky as it features 13 of the band's songs.

It also features voiceovers by the band's Les Claypool.

Retro Design

Overall, the design of the Primus pinball machine has a retro look. It has a green frame, legs, and back glass casing. Actually, the official color is Green Naugahyde after the band's seventh album.

It also has a custom designed shooter knob featuring a character from the artwork from the band's debut album, Frizzle Fry.

Given its unique features and very limited production run, this is not a pinball machine that is likely to appear in any of the many arcades that are starting to open around the country. However, if you’re a Primus fan, you love pinball, and you have around $9k to spare, this could be the pinball machine for you.

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