Pinball machines and the clothing brand Supreme do not often appear in the same sentence. That changed this week though, albeit temporarily.

Supreme is more well-known for its connections to skateboarding as well as hip-hop and rock music than it is with pinball. The clothing it makes falls into the streetwear category. The ranges are usually highly sought after because of designer and celebrity collaborations as well as the limited availability of individual lines.

In other words, Supreme does not naturally fit with pinball. This is probably why Supreme chose pinball to help it promote its upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

It has form in this regard as other clothing collections in recent years have included accessories like Supreme branded guitars, clippers, and even a blimp.

This year, the Supreme pinball machine is the accessory that is getting everyone's attention.

The Pinball Machine

Stern is the manufacturer of the Supreme pinball machine. It features Supreme branding heavily while also mashing together pinball and streetwear culture. On the short promotional video, for example, the LED display on the pinball machine shows the words "Multiball is lit".

One thing that is instantly noticeable about the Supreme pinball machine is that it is very bright and has a lot of even brighter flashing lights. If it ever does make its way into a modern pinball arcade, it will be hard to miss.

Given the fact Stern makes this pinball machine, it is probably very high quality. It remains a marketing gimmick nonetheless. That said, if it helps introduce pinball to a new generation of people or a new culture, which has to be a good thing.

Playing the Supreme Pinball Machine

Will you ever get a chance to play it, though? It might appear in shops that sell Supreme clothing but other than that, the Supreme pinball machine is probably destined to become a collector’s item for fans of the fashion brand rather than pinball enthusiasts. That said, if you ever see it on your travels it would be worth paying a buck for five balls.

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