Do you play pinball using The Pinball Arcade? If you do, you will notice some big changes over the coming weeks as the platform is about to lose many big and popular pinball tables. As you can probably predict, this is due to licensing arrangements.

The Pinball Arcade provides digital simulations of many well-known real-life pinball machines. This lets users play those machines using a variety of devices including major gaming consoles and mobile phones. Pinball Arcade has been available since 2012.

The developer of The Pinball Arcade is FarSight Studios. For several years now, it has had a license agreement with WMS Industries. WMS Industries has the rights to Williams and Bally trademarks, giving it control over some of the best-known pinball machine titles in the world, including The Addams Family. Other titles in the WMS Industries line-up include:

• Medieval Madness

• Bride of Pinbot

• Star Trek: The Next Generation

• Twilight Zone

• Theatre of Magic

The license agreement let The Pinball Arcade offer these titles and more on its platforms. The license agreement expires on June 30th, however, and WMS Industries is not renewing. This means there will be no Bally or Williams arcade machines available on Pinball Arcade after this date.

What Happens Next?

If you have already purchased a Bally or Williams pinball table at The Pinball Arcade, you will still have access after June 30th. You own them, after all, and The Pinball Arcade has promised to continue supporting them.

If you haven't yet purchased a Bally or Williams pinball table that you want, you will need to buy it before they all disappear. You will have to pay the normal price, however, as the license agreement prevents The Pinball Arcade from offering you a discount.

It is also important to remember that this change only affects Williams and Bally pinball titles. This means other tables, including those from Stern, will continue to be available. In addition, The Pinball Arcade will launch Season 8 in the summer and is promising new tables in this release.

Of course, you can also choose to ditch the devices and consoles in favor of playing great pinball machines on a real life, upright arcade table. After all, nothing compares to playing while standing up with the feeling of real buttons and the sounds that come from a full-size arcade machine. Check out our range today – you could be playing sooner than you think.