Williams Pinball: Volume 1 was released this month by Zen Studios on its pinball machine simulator, Pinball FX3. This means you can get it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a cost of $9.99. What can you expect from Williams Pinball: Volume 1, however?

The Games in the Bundle

The games in Williams Pinball: Volume 1 include:

• The Getaway: High Speed II

• Junk Yard

• Medieval Madness

All have a classic pinball machine experience which will be familiar if you played the games back when they first came out – 1996 for The Getaway: High Speed II and Junk Yard, and 1997 for Medieval Madness.

However, there is a feature to add modern graphics which makes the games look a lot closer to the other pinball tables on FX3.

Also, each of the tables features Pinball FX3's brilliant Pro Physics option, although this makes the game much harder to play. For experienced players, however, it is a must.

The Getaway: High Speed II

The original The Getaway: High Speed II was a follow up to High Speed, a pinball machine released by Williams in 1986. Both games were designed by Steve Ritchie, a legendary designer of pinball machines.

He based the original in this series, High Speed, on an actual high-speed chase he was involved in. That happened in 1979 when he was driving a Porsche 928 while being chased by police who believed they had caught him speeding.

The Getaway: High Speed II is based on a similar theme. It has two main flippers plus a third as well as some features, but it is a tricky game to play. The ZZ Top theme music is enjoyable, though.

Junk Yard

The aim of Junk Yard is to collect as much junk as possible. There are specific things to collect as well as instructions on what you should collect next. The standard graphics look very cool while there is also a fun video mode if you switch to the more modern overlay.

Best of all, it still has the wrecking ball in the playfield which on the original game was a pinball ball hanging from a chain.

Medieval Madness

In Medieval Madness, the aim is to destroy six castles, so you can fight the King of Payne. That said, you may also encounter dragons and trolls on the way. The drawbridge and portcullis from the original version of the game remain features.

Don’t worry if none of these three titles interests you, as we offer a wide selection of pinball games that you can play on a full-size pinball machine. Check out the collection today