This month saw the launch of Williams Pinball: Volume 2 on FX3. The game pack comes from Zen Studios and is available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and on Steam for PC.

As with the Volume 1 pack, Volume 2 will include each of the pinball tables in two forms – an original and a remastered version. In the remastered version, Zen has enhanced the visuals and improved the experience. This includes interactive characters and elements in 3D, brilliant ball effects, and better table lighting.

You don't have to play with the new bells and whistles, however, if you prefer it old school.

The games on Williams Pinball: Volume 2 include:

• The Party Zone

• Black Rose

• Attack from Mars

The Party Zone

The Party Zone pinball machine came out in 1991. It features characters in the playfield and on the backglass from previous Bally and Midway pinball machines that are classics themselves. This includes The Party Animal, a character from the Party Animal pinball machine. The Party Monsters from Elvira and the Party Monsters pinball machine are also there, as is The Party Dude from Dr. Dude and His Excellent Ray.

The main character is Captain B. Zarr. In the remastered version, he rides on an interactive 3D rocket.

Black Rose

The pirate-themed Black Rose first came out in 1992. The aim is to sink ships by using the cannon under the playfield. It rotates to help you aim the ball at various targets. Hitting those targets gives you letters in the phrase Sink Ship. Once you get all the letters, you get loads of points.

In the remastered version, a pirate swings on a mast offering encouragement as you fire the rotating cannon. She has a sword in her hand and is known as the queen of the high seas.

Attack from Mars

Attack from Mars was released in 1995. In the game, Martians have invaded Earth and it's up to you to save the world's major cities by destroying the alien fleet. Once the initial Martian attack is repelled, you then take the fight to them by going to Mars to destroy their planet.

The remastered version has flying saucers circling the playfield and a 3D general that orders you to fire missiles to take them down.

These games take console versions of classic pinball games to another level. However, if you prefer the more authentic thrill of playing on a real pinball machine, check out our selection today.