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Don't miss out on the Pinball FX Championship Edition's Features:
  • HD Interactive Touch Screen Playfield
  • Over 75 immersive FX3 Pinball Table Games
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

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Pinball FX Championship Edition, 47" screen

Pinball FX Championship Edition, 47" screen
Retail Price: $9,999.00
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  • Gigantic 47" HD Interactive Touch Screen Playfield
  • 80+ Immersive Pinball FX3 Table Games
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

The most powerful pinball gaming experience ever.

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The virtual pinball machines offered by PinballUSA are taking the 21st century by storm.  You will experience an endless stream of fun and excitement for both the recreational user and the serious pinball fanatic.  The Pinball FX Championship Edition offers over 80 Zen Studio™ mesmerizing pinball game tables including Williams™ Pinball classics for nostalgic enthusiasts like Medieval Madness, Fish Tales, and The Getaway. It also features games from Jurassic World Pinball™ and Universal Classics'—E.T.™, Back to the Future™, and Jaws™—plus addictive best sellers that have each expanded into full series—like Aliens™, Star Wars™, Marvel™, and many more! New game tables are being added all the time, so there’s never any time to get bored.

Pinball Cabinet Features

Pinball Cabinet Features

Three Incredible Monitors for Sensational Pinball Game Play

47” Touch Screen Playfield

Use all five senses with this premiere, high def, interactive touch screen playfield—something no other US virtual pinball retailer offers due to the high cost and rare technology. Instead, competitors use older technology with 1080p LED playfields, which are not touch screen. This makes operating their pinball machine tedious and frustrating since it requires you to press buttons on the cabinet to accomplish any task including choosing games and adjusting settings. This gets old quick. Today, we expect interactive touchscreens in just about every aspect of our lives. You wouldn’t settle for a smartphone that wasn’t touch screen. Can you imagine sending a text, zooming in for a photo, navigating a map using just the buttons on the side—no swiping allowed? Of course not. So don’t settle for anything less than a smart pinball machine.

Enjoy the significant advantages of a modern interactive touch screen playfield:

  • Ease of Use – Simply touch game icons for fast selection of games.
  • Speed – Everything is lighting quick. A simple touch on the screen instantly brings up leaderboards, enters you into tournaments, and makes setting changes.
  • Intuitive – Anyone can easily operate the machine the first time without going through a detailed manual.
  • Protected with thick tempered glass.

32” Hi-Def Backglass Monitor

The backglass monitor displays the current games marquee in a stunning high-resolution image.

15” Full Color LCD DMD

A full color Dox Matrix Display shows the score along with in-game information, animations, and graphics.

Pinball Games

As the only Zen Studio™ branded pinball cabinet in the marketplace, the Pinball FX Championship Edition is optimized to play Zen Studio™ games at their best. This one of a kind virtual pinball machine comes preloaded with over 80 of the current Zen Studios pinball table games. The stunning immersive pinball table games included are sure to make the fun and entertainment last for hours—in fact, be wary of losing track of time!

And as if 80+ games aren’t enough, new games are being added all the time. When Zen Studios™ releases a new pinball game, it will automatically display on your pinball’s main playfield screen. Since the machine is Wi-Fi compatible, it allows you to first check out the trial version of the new game and then to purchase it at an extremely low price through Steam, the largest gaming distribution platform today.

Pinball FX™

Pinball FX™ is a remarkable platform that offers an ever-expanding collection of original pinball tables built by Zen Studios™, the world's foremost virtual pinball developer. Its licensed content is crafted from the biggest brands in entertainment— from Williams™ Pinball classics, to the most addictive games within the worlds of Aliens™, Star Wars™, and Marvel™, all the way to the hottest new releases like Jurassic World Pinball™ and Universal Classics' E.T.™, Back to the Future™, and Jaws™.

PinballFX™ also allows you to play virtually with friends and players from all around the world—you can even join tournaments! PinballFX™ offers exceptional social features including detailed scoreboards which will track your score, stats, achievements, and much more. And what other pinball game grows around you? It allows for in-game customization, keeping track of New Weapons, and Steam Achievement points as you earn your way through each level.

High-Fidelity Sound System

High-Fidelity Sound System

3 Channel Amplifier allows you to fine tune your playing experience with separate treble, bass, and stereo controls. It also features an easy to access volume knob.

Speakers: Backglass

The backglass head contains two High Fidelity Coaxial Speakers for incredible rich sound that instantly makes you part of the action.

Speakers: Subwoofers

The subwoofer gives you that impressive clear bass response. Audiophiles will love the dramatic impact it makes to the overall sound system and the added enjoyment to the pinball experience.



Grab the plunger and let it go, sending the ball rocketing to the top of the playfield. The machine includes both a traditional plunger along with a separate launch button.

Analog Nudge Feature

Sometimes you just need to create that extra bounce during game play. The analog nudge feature allows you to bump the table causing the ball to jump up. In some games, a little nudge is useful for keeping the ball dancing between bumpers. In other cases, applying a slight nudge at just the right time can help push the ball into the in lane instead of the out lane for that last second, heroic save.



Mayday! Mayday! Your ball is heading toward one of the out lanes and you’re about to drain it!  No worries. With the built-in yellow Magna-Save buttons, you can save the ball (and the day).  On some Pinball FX tables, the Magna-Save feature is required for you to play the game to its fullest capability.

Vision Button

Vision Button

Perspective is everything. Meet the first pinball experience where you can choose yours. Press the Vision button, located on the front of the cabinet, to change to one of eight different perspectives of the game table, including one option which follows the ball as it travels throughout the playfield.

Pause Button

You’re right in the middle of a record breaking game and then life brings you one of those unexpected interruptions!  But unlike other gaming experiences, such a moment doesn’t have to lose you the game. Just press the Pause button on the front of the cabinet to pause the game midstream. Press it once again to pick up right where you left off.

Marquee Topper

The marquee has an array of LED lights which illuminates the extremely attractive Pinball FX marquee.

Topper Light

Nothing beats the flashing and rotating topper light, in sync with different in-game actions.  It adds a whole new level of excitement to the playing experience, in addition to being the ultimate scene-stealer in the room.

Built-in Level

Built-in Level

A convenient built-in level makes leveling your pinball cabinet a snap.

Drainage & Gutter System

Drainage & Gutter System

Go ahead, spill a drink. Whether you’re clumsy or you’re a troublemaker. With the built-in drainage and gutter system, the liquid drains out into a catch basin located at the underside of the pinball cabinet.

Cabinet Finish

The pinball cabinet is wrapped in an elegant matte polyethylene coating to prevent fingerprints and scratching. Polyethene coatings are not only beautiful, they improve the durability of the cabinet immensely.

Solid Wood Cabinet Construction

Designed to last decades, these CNC-cut pinball cabinets are made with ¾” plywood due to the superior durability and quality of solid wood.

Hardware Powdered Coated

The metal side rails, lock bar, coin door, and legs have a gorgeous powdered coated finish which hides finger prints. The coin door also includes a dual coin receiver (non-working).

Virtually Maintenance Free

Unlike traditional pinball machines which are in need of constant upkeep and repair, these virtual pinball cabinets require almost no maintenance at all. As a result, they have a much longer lifespan than traditional pinball machines.


The pinball machines are commercial grade, designed to take the beating a machine typically gets in an arcade. Every part of the machine, including the touch screen playfield, is covered by a 1-year warranty that includes phone support.

Free Fast Shipping

These world class pinball machines ship out free, normally in three business days.

FREE White Glove Delivery Service

FREE White Glove Delivery Service

We offer free, White Glove Delivery Service for any pinball machine purchase. Don’t let anyone try to convince you that assembly of a virtual pinball machine is easy. Spoiler alert: it’s not! Not only is it time consuming, it also requires some impressive physical strength.

Imagine lugging a heavy pinball cabinet from the curb to its final destination, spending an hour on a tricky assembly, and then disposing of a gigantic box and all of its packing debris. Or imagine doing nothing except turning on the machine and jumping into fast, fun gameplay. You decide what you’d prefer!

Take advantage of PinballUSA’s Free White Glove Delivery Service and eliminate the entire hassle. Our expert, professionally trained team will handle the entire process.

Our Free White Glove Delivery Service includes:

  • Placement of pinball machine in the room of your choice.
  • Assembly of pinball machine.
  • Removing of all packing materials from your premises.

If you're in search of the immersive, the interactive, and the incredible, then call 800-844-1036 or email info@PinballUSA.com for your Experience Beyond Imagination.

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Pinball FX Championship Edition, 47" Screen

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Pinball FX3 Trailer

Pinball FX3 Trailer


Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) May 6-8th 2018

Jack Danger aka Dead Flip

Midwest Gaming Show (Milwaukee, WI) April 13-15th, 2018

One of the largest gaming trade shows in the United States. The Pinball FX Championship Edition virtual pinball machine won two trophies! It won Best in Show, as the very best virtual pinball machine (Other Pinball Style) and a second award as the best Multi-Player Video machine.

Congrats to an awesome team!

Gamers enjoying the Pinball FX Championship Edition virtual pinball machine.