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Ultimate Android Cocktail Game Machine

Ultimate Android Cocktail Game Machine
Retail Price: $3,499.00
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Sale Price: $2,699.00
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  • Play Hundreds of Games on One Machine
  • Large 19” HD Interactive Touch-Screen Playfield
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

A gaming table which is innovative, outlandishly versatile, and wildly fun.

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Ultimate Android Cocktail Game Machine

PinballUSA’s Ultimate Android Cocktail Game Machine is leading a gaming revolution. The Android operating system makes this touch-screen machine, innovative, outlandishly versatile, and wildly fun. It’s no surprise it’s become one of our most popular machines...

The Ultimate Android Cocktail Game Machine is one thing everyone can agree on—it unites families, friends, in pure, unbridled joy.

Unlimited Gaming

Your victories need not be limited to one game alone! Since our machine operates on an Android operating system, you’re able to download and play hundreds of thousands of games on ONE machine through Google Play Store. There are many game categories to choose from including arcade, sports, strategy, role-playing, adventure, racing, and board games—just to name a few.

Three Different Options to Play Games

Options are everything—especially when it comes to gaming. Enhance the quality of your game play by taking advantage of our machine’s flexibility to play in different modes. The Ultimate Android Cocktail Game Machine is so unique that it gives you three different options to play games.

Option One: Joystick & Shooting Buttons

Joystick & Shooting Buttons

For those that like playing the ‘80s arcade classic games, you will feel at home—and in a potential time warp—with standard arcade controls like the joystick and shooting buttons. Bathe in the nostalgia and great memories—and then relive them with this option!

Additionally, some arcade games available through Google Play Store may require you to give a credit to start up the game. In those cases, we have included a coin button on the main control panel, making adding credit a breeze.

Option Two: Wired Game Controller

Other gamers prefer using a game pad controller while playing. Our machine allows you to plug a wired game controller into the USB port located on the control panel. To find games that are compatible with game controllers, just type into the Google Play Store search box “Game Pad Games”. Or you may press the browser button located on the desktop and type in www.androidgamepadgames.com for a detailed list of game pad supported games for Android.

Option Three: Touch Screen Games

The younger generation will be thrilled to know that our machine also supports touch screen games. These games are fun, cutting-edge, and just plain cool. To find games that support touch screen, just type in the search box of Google Play Store “Touch Screen Games” and it will instantly populate the page with hundreds of choices.

So, no matter the generation or age group playing the Ultimate Android Cocktail Game Machine, we have you covered with multiple playing options.

19” Android Touch Screen Playfield

Our high def, interactive touch screen brings all the action to life. Leverage our interactive touch screen playfield to get the best benefits in gaming existence:

  • Easy to use! Pick your game by touching the game icon.
  • Fastest technology! No “spinning pinwheel of death” here. Welcome to the future—this machine moves as quickly as you think.
  • User-friendly! You don’t need a manual to figure out how to operate this machine for the first time. It’s designed intuitively for anyone to navigate—even first-timers!
  • Durable! Here’s one screen you definitely won’t crack—it’s protected with thick tempered glass.

Flip Screen

You may prefer to play certain games in vertical or horizontal screen orientations. Our machine instantly allows you to flip the screen from the vertical side of the machine to horizontal side, and vice versa. This is done with a simple touch of the Flip button located on the main control panel.

Create your own Jukebox

An extremely popular feature of our Ultimate Android Cocktail Game Machine is that it can instantly turn into a jukebox. Simply download apps like Pandora or Spotify and play all your favorite music.

Volume Knob

You have full control of the volume with an easy-to-access volume knob located right on the main control panel. Additionally, there are touch screen volume controls at the bottom of the screen.

Headphone Input

Sometimes you want to be gaming when others around you want quiet time! Don’t worry—you can plug your headphones or earbuds into the headphone jack input located right on the main control panel—nothing can keep you from getting lost in your own world!

Home Desktop

Instantly go back to the desktop of the game machine by pressing the home icon located at the far left of the bottom of the screen.

Exit Button

There are times you may want to exit a game midstream. For these cases, we have incorporated a handy Exit button located right on the control panel. The Exit button works just like a back button, allowing you to exit out of most games.

Easy Setup Screen

You’re only a few minutes away from the best gaming experience of your life. Check out our product video and see for yourself how easy the setup is.


3 year warranty includes free parts.


Width: 29"    Length: 35"    Height: 29"


185 lbs

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Ultimate Android Cocktail Game Machine

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Ultimate Android Cocktail Game Machine