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Video Pinball Machine

You deserve some downtime. Treat yourself to an experience beyond imagination. Connect with friends & family through laughter, fun and friendly competition.

Don't miss out on the Pinball FX Championship Edition's Features:
  • HD Interactive Touch Screen Playfield
  • Over 75 immersive FX3 Pinball Table Games
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

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Virtual Pinball Machine

Ever wonder what the perfect pinball machine would look and feel like?

Quit wondering and start wandering—through a virtual pinball machine universe.

PinballUSA is the leading retailer in virtual pinball, arcade machines and the world leader in gaming. The entertainment machines we offer are rare gems that can bedeck your home or business. Like a virtual hearth, young and old can’t help but gather around, mesmerized—and connect with each other in laughter, fun, and friendly competition. But the virtual pinball machine we offer is equally astonishing if you’re on a solo expedition. If you’re ever face to face with the Pinball FX Championship Edition virtual pinball machine, prepare to strap yourself in because you’re about to experience the ride of your life. This unique machine has grafted the excitement of traditional pinball onto the technology of tomorrow to create a matchless gaming experience.

It’s pinball better than you ever could have imagined.

Unlike traditional pinball, when you launch this ball, you go with it. With a digital pinball machine, you embark on an adventure through a maze of incredibly stunning graphics, fully engaged and immersed in otherworldly game play. For this out of body gaming experience, you can thank:

  • Hi-resolution, hi-definition monitors, enabled by a touch screen playfield!
  • Haptic technology that makes the experience so multi-dimensional, you feel as if you’re part of the action! The proprietary central processing unit is equipped with a sophisticated Custom I/O Board designed to receive signaling from Zen Studios™ (the world’s foremost virtual pinball developer)—these signals communicate with the pinball hardware to unbelievably recreate the authentic feel, vibrations, knocks, and shakes of a traditional pinball machine!
  • High-fidelity sound system that creates the clack of the flippers, the smack of balls hitting bumpers, and the sound of slings around the table—all creating a rich sound quality to fully build this other world you’re suddenly in.
  • The dazzling lights and visual displays you’d find on any traditional pinball cabinet, but even better.

Whether you’re looking to be transported back to your local arcade or to an unearthly dream world… whether you’re a fanatical pinball hobbyist or a casual gamer… scoring high on the most amazing virtual pinball machine on the planet is enough to earn you serious bragging rights.

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Get ready for an experience you won't find anywhere else

Call now at 800-844-1036 and one of our friendly and knowledge staff members will answer all your questions. Or if you prefer, email your questions to info@PinballUSA.com. We look forward to providing you with the world’s best virtual pinball machine.